Saturday, April 24, 2010

"F" is for Freecycle

I have my sister to thank for this one, without her I would never have known about Freecycle and now my little girls are truly benefiting. So I was sorting through the Freecycle posts last week and came across this - OFFER: wooden stable with horses. BINGO. We don't have a stable or horses so I knew they would love it. Picked it up the next day and it was fine. Plain. Clean. Did not at all resemble Little Elk Ranch but I could change that.

Here she is before:

And all done up:

So I took a few more pics of all angles. The girls are LOVING playing horses now (should've saved it for Christmas) but it was so much fun to decorate I couldn't contain myself. And thanks to Uncle Dom for that farm animals pop up book he got for girl 1 way back, buddy boy got a hold of it and it was no longer a pop up book but had great images to cut up for the stable.

The horses love their updated stable:

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