Friday, May 28, 2010

"T" is for TLC

This would be my first real furniture makeover - head to toe. After seeing lots of inspiration out there in blogland I decided to tackle this poor, neglected cabinet. She was in need of some serious TLC. We inherited this cabinet with our house and I never thought twice about it until I started rearranging furniture for the kitchen redo. She was in bad shape but solid as an ox. Just look at all the cracked paint, the door hanging off, holes in the top.

Here are the befores:

And now after 2 coats of Kilz and 3 coats of white satin her she is:

I lined the drawers with blue and white ticking leftover from another project and spray painted the pulls with ORB as well as new hinges:

I also added feet to give her a lift:

I love it but let's hope 30 tiny fingers in this house can keep it clean!


Molly said...

I love that-I'm such a sucker for a cute set of feet (furniture feet that is.) i love the set up of your blog. I did an A-Z series last year so maybe that's why your blog struck such a chord with me. I found you through the CSI Challenge and will be following you along on your letter journey!

Jenny said...

Found you from Ana White and have spent my day going through all your posts. I love your blog! This re-do gives me hope for some re-dos of my own. Maybe Ana could make a plan for this awesome mod cabinet! I, for one, would LOVE one for my guest room/craft room. Keep on sharing!