Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"B" is for Bike

A bike makeover to be exact. 

Girl #1 needed a bigger bike so I was able to acquire one from a Freecycler however it was totally a boy bike.  No problem thanks to Daddy's suggestion to spray paint it!  Here's some pictures of the process, of course I almost forgot to take a before shot so we are slightly in progress here:
The aqua blue color was her choice but it actually looks great with the yellow details on the brakes. 
After the paint went on:

Then I remembered I had some glittery floral rub ons from Grandma so we applied them:

Then I sprayed one coat of clear lacquer to seal the paint and the stickers -we'll see just how long they last.
And Grandma's getting the white basket for the front so she will be all set for next summer.

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