Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY Counter Stools

The first build I ever did is documented here with these counter height stools.  The plans are from Ana White's simple outdoor collection bar stools modified to counter height.

I started with a pile of wood which by the way girl #1 and #2 loved loading it onto the cart at Home Depot. It was a bunch of 1 x 2's and 1 x 3's.

Then I cut about a gazillion pieces and each kid got to work priming all the pieces. Let's just say the primer went on thick and goopy with lots of drips but thank goodness for the sander and some really coarse sandpaper.  My kids were home for summer break so I kept them busy painting all the pieces.

Then we followed the instructions for screwing and gluing everything together:

Then I painted two coats of satin "Elegant White" and put them in place at the island just to see. Holy smokes way too sterile, too white on white.

So back to the garage and I brushed some stain over the white, then sanded some more:

Then added one last coat of the white satin, sanded some more and one coat of satin poly. Finally not so white, slightly worn looking and the kids love them:

Now that I have my first building project completed I'm ready to tackle another one.  A bench with storage for the back door.  For more building projects click here.


  1. Do you mind sharing what you spent? I think I would like to make two of these. I really like the way they look. I love your paint job, btw.

  2. Hello Evercurious - The cost for the wood alone was about $13.00 and I used #2 pine from Home Depot. The screws came to $2 per stool and I still had a good amount left over and I had the paint from other projects. So for each stool it was about $15.

  3. I saw your photos of the stools on Ana's site and just wanted to come over and say how awesome they look! I think I will be making some for my new island, thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Love these! How have they held up with the kiddos?? And do they wobble?? Thanks!!

  5. Do you have copies of the instructions you followed? :)