Sunday, October 17, 2010

"P" is for Pallet

A pallet made into presents.  I've been like an elf these past weeks working away to make these:

And all of them were made from this pallet:

Of course I got the idea to use a pallet from Ana White's blog ( and then someone posted a pallet on Freecycle and I knew it was destiny.  I quickly picked up the pallet and took it apart - a slightly painful experience - and I had this:

Then I cut down the pieces to size and added some new 1x2's for the support pieces (pallet wood looks great all distressed and it is solid and strong but I needed the 1x2's to build a support from).  These are the pieces it takes to build one stool.

 Then assembly and some satin poly and we have these guys:

I added some personalization to the top step because these will all be gifts, useful gifts lets hope.  This one below is for our neighbors.  I mean who couldn't use a step stool, especially when you have kids - you need one almost everywhere - bathroom, kitchen, closet.

The workshop is still open, I'm finishing up my biggest woodworking project so far and can't wait to post about it!

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  1. These are so cute! Good job, and great idea. I am alwayas looking for "wooden projects" for our own blog. Good luck with your next project. So glad I ran across your blog.