Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY Kids Size Picnic Table

A picnic table for the kids, made entirely from reclaimed wood. 

I've been meaning to make a kids size picnic table ever since last summer when we spent so much time in the backyard.  With three small kids and only the adult patio table with enormous adult size chairs it was really difficult for them to have a place to sit (to eat, to draw, to play card games, etc).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"B" is for Bed #2

And now the twin version of the Farmhouse Bed:

Yesterday I posted about Bed #1 here including the building process and now today we have the slightly narrower version in pink:

(You can read about the quilt in my post here.)

Here is just the bed:

Emily fits right in:

And of course I went crazy making all the bedding so let's change it up:

The quilt is a Trip Around the World posted on the blog here.

Another bedding change:

And lastly both beds together:

Santa has done his work.

Friday, November 26, 2010

"B" is for Bed #1

My first farmhouse bed. 

Okay so it's doll size but still super cute and I'm loving the look so much I really want to make the adult version.

I made all the bedding, you can read about the Trip Around the World quilt here.

As usual I got the plans from Ana White's blog but I have to say this bed is rather wide - more like a queen size for dolls (Bitty twins anyone?).

And since I have two girls I had to make two beds, one queen, one twin. 
The twin is simply 3" narrower (equal to one less slat) than the queen and I will blog about it in the next post. ("B" is for Bed #2)

Here are the pieces with some beginning construction:

All assembled and sanded:

Primed, painted, sanded and polyed:

Dressed for bed - makes you want to climb right in!

 And as far as I can tell American Girl doesn't sell anything close to my wooden Farmhouse Bed.
I checked their website and Addy's bed might be the closest I could find:
image from American Girl

Or this trundle bed but even it's made of plastic (for $68????):

image from American Girl

And a quick preview of Bed #2:

They will definitely be going under the tree so SHH!
Now on to the adult version - might have to wait until after Christmas for that project.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"F" is for Frequent Flyer

And not the type that goes on the airplane.  This is the third Trip Around the World quilt so far:

Okay so it's not really a Trip Around the World, more like a quarter of the way but it's based on that pattern.

And I have some plans for this cotton candy lovely - the doll beds are almost done and will need some bedding - can't wait to show you that.

But first - my inspiration for the color choices came from Martha so I went through my scrap bags again and found these fabrics:


Here we have the strips layed out to form a pattern:

And after some piecing we have:

A little girl's pink heaven:

All strips layed out:

Strips stitched together for a complete top:

Backing added and quilted together:

The back is pink and I choose the light green for the binding:

Another fun miniature quilt in really pretty colors:

The impact of this pattern on the tiny doll beds will be perfect.  Not to mention it is a very good way to make use of teeny, tiny scraps and complete a quilt in a really short time span.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"T" is for Turkey

A fancy fruit and veggie turkey. 
After all it is Thanksgiving on Thursday so I had to do a turkey related post. 

I volunteered myself to make this turkey for girl #2's class party.  I don't normally make creations with food but this was an exception.

The real instructions can be found here.

This is what we started with, a real cornucopia:

We set the squash for the body and chopped the peppers for small feathers:

The kids had fun putting the feathers in.

Feathers in, beak and gobble on and some peppercorns for the eyes:

Now for the real feathers which the kids will get to eat at the "Feast" - some grapes and cheese on skewers:

All skewers in place:

It's all totally edible.  Gobble. Gobble.

Have a good day at school Mr. Turkey, hope the kids don't peck you to pieces!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"A" is for Another Trip

Another Trip Around the World quilt:

I had so many strips cut from my first Trip Around the World quilt that I decided to make another one.  I'm loving this pattern so much plus with two little girls it's always better to have two of everything. 

First I starting laying my strips in a pattern:

Then I sewed the strips, cut them into 1" pieces and starting laying out the diamond shape:

Filling in around the diamond to continue the pattern for a complete rectangle:

Then I connected everything, funny how a 1/4" seam allowance totally changes the look of the pattern:

Quilted my sandwich together and added some binding:

Back view:

Now both girls have similar quilts for their dolls.