Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"C" is for Change

I knew this day would come. 
I have found 'the ones', the counter stools I have been looking for all along but unwilling to pay retail price for.

And yes I know they are not all the same, three of one style and two of another but they are very similar and there are five total which is more important since we all like to sit there at once.

Sadly I have to say goodbye to my beloved stools which I will forever cherish as my first woodworking project.

I knew their lifespan would not be long, the kids were constantly up and down on them and loved to shake them so they are a bit wobbly.  No worries, I do have plans for them in the near future and I want to make them more stable as well so I'm okay knowing they will have a new use.

The new and improved stools are a Craigslist find and I paid $60 total for all five.  I'm not going to lie, I love a good bargain and this was definitely worth it.  I've been wanting counter stools ever since the kitchen was finished back in August, something like this was always on my mind:

Isabella Barstool
image from Pottery Barn

But I was not about the shell out $200 for each stool, forget it.  So when I found these on Craigslist I just knew it was destiny.

 I have to say they were not in mint condition at all when I picked them up hence the $60 price tag.  Therefore, I do not have a before picture.  They all had at least one broken spindle in the back part but that was super easy to fix and of course I sanded them down, primed and spray painted them with Rustoleum Heirloom White in satin.  In total I spent $15 on paint and a little elbow grease.  They really just needed some love and now my kids are loving them too.

I'm fine with change, especially when it's for the better.  Thank you Lynn for listing your stools on Craigslist, they make a great addition to our home.

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