Thursday, November 25, 2010

"F" is for Frequent Flyer

And not the type that goes on the airplane.  This is the third Trip Around the World quilt so far:

Okay so it's not really a Trip Around the World, more like a quarter of the way but it's based on that pattern.

And I have some plans for this cotton candy lovely - the doll beds are almost done and will need some bedding - can't wait to show you that.

But first - my inspiration for the color choices came from Martha so I went through my scrap bags again and found these fabrics:


Here we have the strips layed out to form a pattern:

And after some piecing we have:

A little girl's pink heaven:

All strips layed out:

Strips stitched together for a complete top:

Backing added and quilted together:

The back is pink and I choose the light green for the binding:

Another fun miniature quilt in really pretty colors:

The impact of this pattern on the tiny doll beds will be perfect.  Not to mention it is a very good way to make use of teeny, tiny scraps and complete a quilt in a really short time span.

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