Thursday, November 18, 2010

"P" is for Packaging

Isn't it true - it's all in the packaging.  After I made that first Advent Lollipop tree, which the kids loved so much they wanted to leave it up (just to eat the lollipops of course), I decided I should make some more for gifts.  They are super inexpensive and really quick to make and fun for the kids to put together (and take apart!).

We made six more trees and created an assembly line with my little elves actually constructing the trees:

And here is Buzz Lightyear crafting away:

The kids love to help whenever they can and I try to involve them whenever I can although it is a true test of patience.

So I thought about what might be the best way to package these trees and lollipops.  I remembered I had a bunch of clear cellophane bags in my stash so the lollipops went in a smallish bag, tied with ribbon:

Then the tree and the lollipop bag went into a medium bag, just high enough to close at the top.  Add some nice ribbon and label:

And we have an early Christmas present for some families and friends who I hope will enjoy for years to come.  (And no I'm not sending a fresh batch of lollipops each year - you're on your own folks.)

Not to mention the trees lie flat, perfect for shipping purposes to those Florida, Arizona and Massachusetts addresses.  Hope you all like your trees, you have a few days to get those lollipops in place and ready for the countdown to Christmas!  This is what your tree will look like once you get all those lollipops in:

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I need to remember this for next year.