Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"C" is for Clothespin

Inexpensive yet very useful the clothespin deserves a little attention. 
Let's make it a bit more decorative with an easy cover up:

Supplies needed:

- clothespins
- assorted craft paper
- decoupage (mod podge or white glue)
- exacto knife
- sandpaper (220 grit)

Cut small scraps of paper to fit one side of clothespin and apply paper to pin using mod podge or watered down white glue.

Once dry flip pin over and trim any excess paper using exacto knife:

Then sand off edges to get worn look, it really makes the paper look like part of the clothespin:

And finally apply one more coat of mod podge to seal it up.
I'm using these for our Christmas card holder this year:

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