Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY Doll Crib with Storage Drawer

Another piece of doll furniture, the crib with storage drawer:

Ever since our little niece Lily arrived back in August my girls have been infatuated with their dolls and babies.  Every day is all about the dolls, their clothes, where they're going (school, parties, doctor, playdate), and most importantly where they are sleeping.  Every night Girl #1 puts them all to bed in their own little beds so I made this for the babies.

As usual I got the plans from Ana White's blog for Olivia's Doll Crib.  But Ana is such a genius that this crib serves double duty as a kids bench (I flipped it over)!

I had all the wood except the 1 x 6 x 6, so I spent $6 on this crib.  Here are the pieces all cut up (which took 5 minutes with my new circular saw - LOVE IT!):

All put together:

I don't have a jigsaw (needed to cut out a "U" shape handle for the storage bin on the plans) so instead I drilled a 1 1/2" hole because I do have that bit.  And I made sure to sand it really well in there so little fingers won't get any splinters.

Sanded, primed and painted (Evermore Carnation Pink in eggshell):

Made some bedding from foam and batting (which also serves as the bench cushion), you can link to the "M" is for Mattress post here to see how.

And tried on lots of different looks:

mattress and bumpers

pillow and sheet

pillows and sheet

let's use the drawer

What little girl wouldn't want this for Christmas?

All we need now is the highchair!  Ana can you hear me?

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  1. Hello I follow your link over from ana's blog yoour crib looks wonderful. I have been trying to complete this crib for a very long time and hope you can help me if possible lol. I am very new at making things however i was able to make the toddler bed on ana's website. Are you using the kreg jig and if so what settings did you use if you use the countersink bits did you use a clamp and if so how ;( thanks in advance for your help Joi