Thursday, December 16, 2010

"F" is for Firewood

And where do we keep it especially now that it's the season for making fires? 
Here in our new red pail:

This pail wasn't always so red, I had it in the basement being used otherwise when I thought it would make a perfect firewood holder - but its striped colors just didn't go with our decor:

It's a great pail, thanks Aunt Denise who gave it to us about 5 years ago, check out the inside:

But I needed to change the color to make it work, here it is all taped up and ready to be spray painted:

The handle on the right wouldn't stay up on it's own so I propped it with this stick:

All sprayed up with Colonial Red gloss (leftover from the desk makeover):

Tape off and ready for use:

In it's new home:

I love having the wood inside, saves me a trip to the garage every hour.

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