Sunday, December 5, 2010

"M" is for Mattress

A quick tutorial on how I made the mattress for the doll crib.

I started with a piece of foam mattress topper (much more economical than upholstery foam from the craft store).

And quickly realized that two pieces would snuggle into each other to make it thicker:

I cut out the size to fit into my crib and used spray adhesive to sandwich them together:

I had a small leftover piece I wanted to use for 'bumpers':

Cut in half to make two bumpers:

Again used spray adhesive and some binder clips to make into a roll (at which point I found this piping insulation on the shelf which would have been much easier to use):

Now I wrapped the mattress with quilt batting for more softness using spray adhesive:

Same deal with bumpers, wrap in batting:

Everything wrapped and clipped to dry:

Next I choose a striped fabric and cut a piece big enough to fit, then I mitered the corners and trimmed the excess (do this all with the fabric inside out):

close up of mitered corner

Then I pinned the side seams, again wrong side out:

Sides stitched but left about 2 inches open and center seam open to slip foam piece in:

close up of edge

Then I handstitched everything closed:

For the bumpers I simply made a tube with finished edges to run a ribbon through:

And there you have it:


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