Thursday, December 9, 2010

"P" is for Pail

Super cute, easy, fast and inexpensive tin pail for kids.

On a recent trip to big orange I picked up some tin pails ($3.50 each) because I just had to have them, you can relate, and then I quickly came up with a need for them and a project was born.

I started with these supplies:

- tin pails
- decopaint pen
- stencils
- pencil
- masking tape
- clear gloss spray
- ribbon

Using the handles as your guide eyeball the middle and tape down the middle letter:

Trace the stencil with your pencil and then fill in the letter using your decopaint pen:

Keep going working your way from the middle letters outward (hope you don't have anyone with a really long name!):

Finally spray the letters with a quick coat of clear gloss to seal up the paint otherwise it will scratch off:

Tie on some ribbon and you're set:

For decoration:

Or for your plastic figurines:

Or all your crayons:

These are ready for a Christmas day game I have in mind for these kids.

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  1. veru cute!! i need to get some pails and do this for my playroom!!

  2. Thanks Kelli - good idea for the playroom. I'm sure you could get bigger ones too (I think I saw something similar in the cleaning section.) Imagine all the toys you could contain!

  3. I LOVE these! These are so vibrant and fun!

    Take care,

  4. Those buckets are really cute! Nice job on the stencils. :)