Thursday, January 27, 2011

"F" is for Floor Lamp

A floor lamp makeover.

As usual I got this floor lamp from Freecycler Doug.
(Yes I do buy things sometimes but when I know it's worthwhile I'm all for Freecycle.)

Not bad for a boy's room baseball theme.
But I needed a 'gender neutral' theme for my kid's bedroom.

I refinished the base with the following products in this order:
(This is what I had so this is what I used.)

prime, paint, sand, stain, seal

For the lampshade we started with this:

And now we have this:

How's how I changed the lampshade:

removed the 'stitching' strings and red fabric:

cut new fabric to fit height of shade and long enough to cover all four sides:

using spray adhesive, attach fabric to one side and wrap 1/2" over side seam:

for the next piece I folded the edge for a finished look and applied:

there's lots of ways to go about it, basically wrap the shade with the fabric

Then I sprayed the bottom and top edges and folded inside:

Use binder clips at corners to keep fabric in place while drying:

Adhere trim, I made blue binding from fabric and used fabritac to glue it:


One last side by side:

Definitely worth my time.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"B" is for Bunk Beds

The girls finally bunked their beds:

 We went from this:

To this:

Now we have this space:

I'm thinking a long bookshelf with cubbies for toy storage.  The plans have been drawn just need to shop for wood (and some serious garage time in the freezing cold).

Meanwhile the girls love. love. love their new setup.

It definitely freed up some well needed space, why didn't we do this a long time ago?

It's only the beginning in the kid's room.  Stay tuned for lots more updates.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"B" is for Bins (Part 2)

Kiss, Hug and Love
(Or a continuation from yesterday's post on bins.)

Simple Valentine's decorations.

Curious about the burlap mantel cover click here.

Here's how I made the bins:
The before:

And the after:

I painted one thick coat of Behr Off White satin finish:

Painted the words on using stencils, first red paint then brown.  Sanded with 120 grit, applied Minwax special walnut and sealed with clear satin poly.

For the 'flowers', I know they look nothing like any real flowers but they sure are pretty.

Here's how I made the flowers:
(Martha also has a good tutorial here.)

Stack 6 coffee filters
Flatten and start folding back and forth like a fan.

Add some wire in the middle to hold the folds.

Pull up each layer of filter towards the middle, alternating sides.

And you have a 'flower'.

In total I made 14 flowers, super fast and easy touch.

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