Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sliding Glass Door Makeover

A mini makeover on the sliding glass door.

I add a wew window treatment and refinished the hardware.

Here we are before: sterile, cold, unfinished

And after:

The new window treatment is only drop cloths because they are easy and washable in this high traffic area plus provide great privacy if we ever to close the curtains.

And the sassy brassy door hardware was changed to oil rubbed bronze.
Here's the hardware before:

I taped it up and taped plastic all around, ready for some ORB spray:
(Obviously be sure to open a window for ventilation while spraying indoors.)

And the after, so dark and handsome!
(And matches the rest of the first floor.)

We have a much more completed look with just two minor changes, worth every minute.

One last side by side:


  1. love it! where do you find such great drop cloths?
    we just sprayed our door hinges ORB!

  2. Wow - I love the changes you made. Two questions - first, do you treat and/or wash the drop cloths before you use them? I've heard of some people bleaching them - do you think this is necessary. Also, how does the ORB paint hold-up to lots of use? Hmmm - that was three questions wasn't it. Thanks and so excited that I found your blog :)

    I praise the person to first use a drop cloth! What a great discovery! I have been wanting to paint some door knobs too! How is the wear and tear??

  4. Rebecca - Yes I wash and dry the drop cloths before I use them.

    And Debbie about the ORB holding up, I sprayed one coat of clear acrylic gloss on top of the ORB, sure it's a bit shiny but it definitely can handle the wear and tear.

  5. Great transformation..
    Love the new handle color and your drapes.

  6. Gorgeous! Are those 5 or 6 foot doors? I'm replacing my builder sliding doors and love the look of ones that look like garden doors but am worried about loss of glass sq footage. Your are lovely.

    1. Thanks Karen. It's been awhile (we moved 4 years ago) but if I remember correctly those are 6' wide doors. Hope that's helpful. Good luck with your replacements.