Sunday, January 9, 2011

"W" is for Winter

Winter is here to stay, time to get cozy.

Buddy boy all snuggled up under his quilt.

I love fabric.  And I love using it to make quilts.  This one was for my niece Lily:

We have them all over our house:
(and I made them all)

What I like most about quilts is their pieced quality, every one of them is made of a bazillion pieces painstakingly sewn together.

And they all tell a story, I remember where and when and why I made each one.

I think the reason I love making quilts is the pure process.
You begin with a bunch of pieces and end with one complete product.
I've been collecting fabric ever since college:

It's not too bad.  I like to say I inherited this trait from my mother, her collection is well beyond mine.
Thanks Mom.

I recently made these cute fabric balls for my trug:

They are actually balls of newspaper covered in fabric strips, so easy.

And all the doll quilts were made from my stash:

You can read about the doll beds here.

And the doll crib here.

And doll bed #3 here.

The best part about quilts is their utilitarian nature, they only get better with age, use and washing so I say go for it, touch them, wrap in them, turn on that DVR and get comfortable, winter will be here for awhile.

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  1. I love seeing what you've been up to...after seeing your adorable doll beds, I made one of my own, using your suggestions about making the headboards/footboards smaller. I also attempted to make a quilt. It ended up being a small nightmare.

    Would it be possible to get a mini-tutorial about the dimensions and how to tips on your doll quilts??

    Thank you!