Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kids Closet Makeover

A simple closet makeover for the kids.

Making better use of the space in the kids closet by adding shelves and a proper hanging rod.

Nothing fancy, but totally functional.

The before:

To be honest kids don't need that much hanging space.  In my experience the majority of kids clothes get folded so I really needed more shelf space.

After making some shelves and adding a new hanging rod we have:

Before the hanging rod was this odd contraption with sliding metal hooks, totally not user friendly:

Seriously where do you find something like that?

I installed a more standard, user friendly, regular old boring hanging closet rod:

Here's the space before all emptied out.  Look at all that vertical space waiting for shelving!:

And during the shelf construction:
(I used 1x3 furring strips, mounted to the studs with 2" screws and liquid nails and some scrap 1x12's for the shelves.)

How about this awful corner up top before:

Can we have a shelf please?

Another look:

Total cost, about $7.  Worth every penny.

It's so worth it to make your kids space super functional both for them and you.