Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"F" is for Fixtures

New fixtures in the upstairs bathroom, a mini makeover.

upgrade bathroom sink faucet

upgrade bathroom fixtures

Yes I know this bathroom could use a total overhaul (50's pink tile we do love you!) but for now new fixtures will have to do.
And what a difference a new toilet and sink can make!

From vanity to pedestal.
(Don't worry about the loss of storage, the hall closet is huge and I'm building a teeny tiny tower.)

Old squat toilet to new 'comfort height' toilet. (Am I still in the same bathroom?)

Nothing fancy, standard Home Depot fixtures and Delta Leland faucet.
(And yes I called the plumber to do the work.)

new bathroom faucet

Someday the pink tile will go but for now we're enjoying a little upgrade and some open space.

View from hall.

before and after bathroom from hallwaybefore and after bathroom from hallway


  1. Looks great! It's amazing how little changes can make a world of difference:)

  2. Great changes..I am a fan of the silver faucet!!!

  3. I think the new stuff looks great. I kind of like the pink tile too but I have a total pink obsession!


  4. Those fixtures are amazing... but I am still getting over your SENSATIONAL stairs! WOW! X

  5. looks great so far! we have one of those little toilets in the master bath now too and it's such a pain, I hate it!


  6. your bathroom looks great. We live in an older home with one tiny bath. We are not able to do the work ourselves, we are getting bids. The labor is the main cost, but once it is finished I know it will be worth all the yrs. of saving and waiting. With any home, just new touches like new faucets, toliet, paint , or a new light makes a home look more 2011. Great job!

  7. Looks awesome! We had a pink bsthroom and also a blue tile one growing up! Love em' My house now has similar tile but it is white. Just found your blog, became a follower and adore it. :)

  8. Those vintage floor tiles are gorgeous. Hope you'll keep them :)

  9. Way to improve this bathroom without changing it's original charm too much. (And I kinda love the pink tile, but I'm sure it gets old after a while.) I'm linking over from Vintage Revivals where someone listed you as their favorite blog. I can see why!

    Warmly, Michelle