Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Patchwork Quilt

A patchwork quilt for Ben:

Twin size to fit his big boy bed:

And personalized on the back side:

I combined the two styles and used colors to match Ben's bedroom:

Back when Ben was first born I had made a crib size quilt as a gift.
Ben's Mommy sent me this picture of him sitting on it:

Fast forward two plus years later and now he's ready for a big boy bed and a bigger quilt:

Here's how I made the quilt:

1. Cut 7" squares and layout:

2. Sew squares together:

3. Prepare the backing monogram.
Print out letter to size.
Apply double sided fusible to fabric.

4. Place letter backwards on light box then place fabric face down on light box and trace onto paper backing:

5. Cut out letter, place on backing and iron into place:

6. Zigzag stitch around edge:

7. Make quilt sandwich: backing, batting and top:

8.  Using safety pins secure quilt sandwich every 8" or so.
Then quilt on the diagonal.

9. Trim edges and add binding:

10. Press binding over quilt edge and fold in raw edge, then straight stitch in the gutter from the top:

11. Wash and dry and it's ready.

 Enjoy your new quilt Ben

Use it often (and wash it too!) because, as with everything, it only gets better with age.


  1. Love it! I love the colours and the fabric you picked out - it's gorgeous Jaime!

  2. What a beautiful .....
    I really like the brown .....

  3. Your quilt is soooo much prettier than the Pottery Barn one. It is calling my name. My little boy is 32 and doesn't live here. If he did...

  4. Ben and Ben's mommy are going to love it! What a agreat choice of fabric - it will grow with that little man and possibly travel with him to college one day. You never know....

  5. Lovely quilt that your son will treasure...and one day become a family heirloom piece.
    Thanks for taking the time to share and photograph the how to on the letter.
    Did you buy different fabrics or did you cut them out of close he has worn?

  6. This is adorable and I'll bet its so warm too :) Ben is one lucky kid!

  7. Love your work great job I just finished my first quilt come and follow be back joann