Monday, December 26, 2011

DIY Kids Table with Chairs

How to build a kids table and chairs.

Finished in time for Christmas

I used Ana White's plans for the Clara table here and the chairs here.

I modified the chairs using 2x2 for the legs for a different look and more stability.

The distressed edges:

This table fits young kids perfectly.

Here's my 4 and 7 year old:

And here's Lily at 14 months old:

She won't outgrow this table for at least five more years.

Here's how I made the table and chairs:

1. Cut wood according to plans.
Use Ana White's Clara table plans here and chair plans here.
** I modified the chairs using 2x2 for the legs.

Pieces for one chair:
(minus the seat, I used one solid piece for seat)

Pieces for table:
** I used one solid piece for table top.

2. Construct, putty screws and sand.
** I used mostly #10 x 2 1/2" wood screws, no kreg jig here.

3. For the chair seat cut one solid piece, then mark the back leg corner cuts:

4. Cut corners with jig saw then attach:

5. Prime everything.
Paint chairs 2 coats Benjamin Moore summer shower.
Paint table 2 coats Behr swiss coffee.
** Sand between all coats.

6. Sand to distress then seal with Minwax clear satin poly.

Let the kids use and enjoy.

Merry Christmas Lily.


  1. oh that is adorable! i love the colors! it looks perfect on that rug! :)

  2. You never cease to amaze me! I can't believe you made that whole set!!! And ditto Cassie's comment. It looks so sweet on that stiped rug!

  3. Your table and chairs look so good Jaime! Well done - as always. Happy holidays too!

  4. Beautiful job! How special to have something handmade instead of store bought- well done!

  5. That is so adorable--I can't believe you made the table and the chairs (I know--saw the pictures!)--so sweet. Wish I had grandchildren! Thanks for the smiles--great talent!

  6. Adorable! My sister and I both had similar sets for our kids when they were small and I miss them being at that age.

  7. Perfect! And they'll hold up so much better than any you could buy, too.

  8. Saw byour link on Funky Junk Int. link party. This is adorable. Great job and I love that carpet!! New follower here have so many great projects.

  9. Adorable!!!!! Love the soft color of the chairs.

  10. Serously,'re in my brain. I've already cut out the table top and legs for our table, and I'm doing the chairs solid as well (MDF scraps, though...I'm cheap and want to use what we have). Happy to see I'm not alone!!


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  12. Great job! I am a true beginner and will attempt to make these chairs for my kid's playroom. This may be a dumb question, but what kind of wood did you use for the chair seats? and the dimensions? See, told you I was a novice! I love that the seats are one solid piece and not slats. Thanks!

  13. Thank you soooooo much! I have so many furniture pieces to refinish but have waited because I hate to sand. Will try this next weekend. :)

  14. Great job! How much money did it cost to make it yourself? Not including the paint. Thanks