Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doll Size Farmhouse Bed #10

Built: Farmhouse style doll bed with bedding:

I modified Ana White's plans here, removing one slat to make the bed narrower.

A special request for a little girl's birthday, she wanted pink and purple bedding.

Here's how I made the bed and bedding:

1. Construct the bed per Ana's plans here, modifying the width one less slat:

2. Prime, paint two coats Behr Swiss Coffee.
Lightly distress edges and seal with wipe on clear satin poly.
Attach mattress base piece:

3. The mattress is made from mattress topper foam, cut to size, wrapped with quilt batting and covered with white cotton sewn shut:

4. For the quilt cut 2" strips and layout pattern:

5. Strip piece then sew all rows together.
(For a more complete quilt assembly how-to click here.)

6. The quilt is backed with polka dot fabric and edged with white cotton binding:

7. The sheet is double sided, sew your ribbon details first then right sides together.

Perfect fit for the American Girl dolls.

Happy Birthday Caitlin!


  1. so so cute!!! i bet your kids are so happy you ca just build all this awesome stuff for them!

  2. Precious!! I love the bedding--so pretty. My girls would love this. Visiting from Home Stories A to Z. Hope you'll stop by my blog too. :)

  3. Jaime, My husband just finished the Farmhouse Bed from Ana White as directed. I would like to make a quilt like yours but to fit the other dimensions. I just measure the foam mattress and it is 27 x 21 as my husband lengthened it when someone said it was hard to get the doll in it. So how many different fabrics do I need for the quilt and should I do 3 inch squares or what. I don't sew, so I need to keep it simple..lol. We are going to VA in less than a week so I need to get busy so I can take it to our granddaughter's. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Alicia