Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Bench with Numbers

Build a rustic bench with painted numbers:

A special request from a friend.

Built to fit her dining table, the bench measures 64" long.

I used plans from Ana White here and adjusted the cuts for the longer bench.

My friend had the idea to add the numbers 1 - 4, she has 4 kids:

And here's the fourth little one getting his first try on the bench:

Here's how I made the bench:

1. Cut pieces as per Ana's plans here adjusting the length for 64":

2. Using a Kreg jig (my newest tool, a gift from a very special friend!!  thank you),
Drill the pocket holes in all apron pieces:

I might have gone overboard with the pocket holes in the long aprons but you should place them every 6" - 8".

3. Assemble the legs:

4. Assembly complete:

5. Sand and stain one coat Minwax Ipswich Pine.
Print out numbers to fit:

6. Trace number with ballpoint pen which leaves indent in wood.
Paint inside indent, first brown:

7. Then thin coat of black:

8. Sand to distress numbers then stain Minwax Early American.
Seal with two coats clear satin poly.

Dare you to find any visible screw heads, I could not have made this piece look the way it does without the Kreg jig.

And just for kicks here are all those pocket holes:

I owe a big thank you to my friend for the jig and another thank you to my other friend for another great project.

Hope her kids enjoy their new bench.


  1. oh i really like this bench! i like the warm tone and the numbers!

  2. Jaime, this has to be one of my favorite projects of yours! The numbers are so cute for the littles!

  3. love the bench. ANd her rug. I had one like that but the white stripes got so dirty I had to put it away. :(
    anyway good job!

  4. I love it! And I want one! This usually happens when I visit your blog, you know. I find new things to want every time. :)

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  6. Love it!! This is on my build list before summer for my back deck. Love the numbers!

  7. Don't you just love that Kreg Jig? I can't wait to dig into my next building project with mine! Great job, the numbers are a great touch.

  8. Do you ever slow down?! You're too talented, girl. LOVE this!

  9. You are amazing! Love the bench; love the numbers!

  10. Your home is just filled with the cutest DIY accents! This one reminds me of a bench we have on the barn patio. It's white but exact same placement of numbers 1-4! lol

    Thanks so much for sharing in the DIY Project Parade, Jaime...I always love seeing your latest! ;)


  11. An incredible looking bench. Love it.

  12. The bench turned out fantastic Jaime! Love the numbers. You are going to be even quicker with your projects now that you've got that Kreg jig :) I always feel like such a slacker when I compare your list of completed projects to mine, lol!

  13. OK, I am SUCH a sucker for numbers! I found you from Uncommon Slice and I'm so glad I did! I'm a new blogger and now your newest follower! Check out my post on numbers:


  14. I love this bench. It is so sweet and love the numbers. Your method for doing the numbers is great too!

  15. Oh, this is perfection! I want one of these in the worst way, but sadly I haven't conquered the world of power tools yet. Go you!

  16. FABULOUS bench!!! Love the shape, details and the painted numbers <3

  17. Sticker for you my friend! This bench is amazing!