Monday, February 20, 2012

"K" is for King Cotton

Paint: King Cotton sign

A special request from Traci, she sent me this image:

And wanted it painted (32" x 24") in red on white to go in a room that "is bright teal...cottage - meets farmhouse!".

Here's how I made the sign:

1. Using 1/2" plywood cut to the requested size 32"w x 24"h,
primed and painted 2 coats Behr swiss coffee.

Sketch out the logo lightly in pencil, I folded the paper print out to make a grid:

2. Paint over the sketch with red acrylic:

3. Seal with clear spray acrylic and add two sawtooth hangers on back:

I think it's pretty close to the original:

Hope Traci likes it in her cottage meets farmhouse room.


  1. Jamie,
    We love it!! Can't wait to have it here! Thank you so much,
    A.T. & Traci

  2. It's very close to the original~and very cool, too!

  3. that is so cool. I want to see the house where it's going!!