Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Patchwork Lumbar Pillows

Basic envelope style lumbar pillows and outdoor seat cushions:

Made to fit a 'top secret' chair project that I can't reveal quite yet but I can show you how I made the pillows and cushions.

I made two envelope style pillow covers of each: patchwork, bright green floral with polka dots, and big pink dots with polka dots:

The green and pink pillow covers have a self flange to give a finished look without adding extra trim:

All 6 pillow covers are the same size and fit on two lumbar pillow inserts I made with simple lining fabric and poly filling.

Here's how I made the pillows:


1. Cut 2.5" squares and layout:

2. Sew squares into strips:

3. Sew strips together and make quilt sandwich: white backing, batting and patchwork top:

4. Pin sandwich then quilt 1/4" off of seams in both directions:

5. Trim edges:

6. To make envelop style cut 2 back pieces to overlap at least 5":

7. Finish overlapping edges by folding under raw edge and again then straight stitch.
Place right sides together:

8. Sew all around edge and trim corners:

9. Turn right side out and insert pillow form:

Pink and green pillow covers:

1. Cut front piece then cut 2 back pieces to overlap.
Finish overlapping edges of back pieces then place right sides together:

2. Sew all around edge and trim corners:

3. Turn right side out and press seams flat:

4. Top stitch all around edge inset by 1/2" to create flange:

5. Insert pillow form:

Outdoor striped cushion covers:

1. Cut 1.5" foam cushion to fit seat area.
Cut outdoor fabric wide enough to fit foam piece, folding in half to fit depth of cushion:
** Be conscious of stripe, in my case I placed the blue stripe in the middle.

Wrap cushion with fabric wrong side out then pin snugly on both sides:
** Try not to pin the foam with the fabric.

Begin pinning at the front curve all the way down the side leaving the back edge open:

2. Remove foam insert and sew on the line made by the pins, trim excess fabric:

3. Turn right side out and insert foam cushion:

4. Fold in seam allowance at back edge and pin shut:

5. Whip stitch back seam closed with carpet or quilting thread:

Ready to use:

Then add the lumbar pillows and the chair is complete: