Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Mudroom Bins

Build: mudroom bins

Custom size tapered wooden bins made to fit the cubby space in Tracy's mudroom.

Monogrammed with a single letter, one for each child:

And a cutout handle:

These bins measure 17"w x 15"d x 11"h, big and deep enough to hold all that cubby clutter - gloves, scarves, etc:

I've built lots of mudroom bins now, they are the perfect solution to fill the cubby space with a personalized, decorative, useful accessory.

Here's how I built the mudroom bins:

1. Cut 1/2" plywood to size:

The sides are tapered in 1.5" on the lower edge.

2. Mark handle cutout with template:

3. Using circular drill bit remove end portions of handle cutout:

Then use a jigsaw to remove middle portion with a straight cut.

4. Construct with #6 - 1 1/2" wood screws and glue.
Then cut bottom from 1/4" plywood, nail and glue in place.
Putty, sand and prime.

5. Paint, I used Benjamin Moore high gloss enamel:

6. Print out letter, I used Engravers font 425 point.
Align print out and trace letter with ballpoint pen:

7. To paint I used DecoArt Traditions brushes, #3 round and #10 Filbert:

8. Paint on and inside the indent left by the pressure from the pen:

9. Seal with clear acrylic spray gloss.

10. Add felt to bottom.
Trace bin on white felt:

11. Cut out felt.
Sand base of bin to remove any excess paint.
Apply felt with spray adhesive then trim excess.

12. The felt is optional but a really nice touch to protect the finish on the cubbies and for ease when pulling the bin in and out:

Thank you Tracy, I hope your family enjoys their new bins.


  1. Love the shape - how they taper! And of course the letters make them PERFECT! They look great!
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open!

  2. Oh i adore the shape of these and the monogram is picture perfect! LOVE IT!!! thanks for sharing...hugs from your newest follower : )

  3. You make it look so easy! I would not have thought to try to make my own. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Awesome, Jaime! Definitely pinning these for future reference and sharing a link back in the DIY highlights. :) Thanks for sharing - I love your creativity.

  5. I love these. Makes everything look clean and neat! Would love you to share on my linky party!
    Marcie @

  6. I LOVE these and they would be perfect for my entry but I am new to all this. How do you nail and screw it together without the screws/nails showing. Can you give any more info on placement of the nails and screws?

    " 4. Construct with #6 - 1 1/2" wood screws and glue. Then cut bottom from 1/4" plywood, nail and glue in place."