Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"F" is for Frame

Paint: frame makeover

A friend asked if I could repaint this gold frame:

With a light green to coordinate with the background color in the print:

Ultimately this artwork will be hung in a little girls room and the gold frame was a bit much.

The walls in her room are painted pale pink so the light green is a good choice.

The new frame color makes the tulip print stand out much more and provides a subtle border. 

Here's how I painted the frame:

1. Apply painters tape and newspaper to protect glass:

2. Sand off gold finish:

3. Using Benjamin Moore Aura jack and the beanstalk #442 begin painting with a brush in the detailed portions:

4. Then use a 5" roller for the remaining flat portions:
(Repeat process for two coats total.)

5. Seal paint with Minwax spray poly clear gloss:

6. Be sure to score the tape before you try to pull it off the glass:

7. Then slowly peel away tape:

Ready to hang.

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