Thursday, July 12, 2012

Magazine Rack Makeover

A magazine rack makeover.

magazine rack makeover

My neighbor had a basic wooden magazine rack just waiting for some paint:

magazine rack before and after

All cleaned up and I added a handpainted single letter monogram on both ends:

magazine rack with monogram

magazine rack makeover with monogram

The edges are distressed and stained:

magazine rack distressed paint

magazine rack distressed off white paint

refinished magazine rack distressed

refinished magazine rack off white

Here's how I madeover the magazine rack:

1. Sand entire piece and apply wood filler to any imperfections.
Here you can see some missing buttons:

apply wood filler and sand

2. Using 5/16" wood buttons:

replace missing wood buttons

3. Glue new buttons into missing holes:

glue in new wood buttons

4. Prime with spray primer:

spray primer on magazine rack

5. Paint with Rustoleum heirloom white satin finish:

painted heirloom white

6. Distress with sandpaper:

distress with sand paper

7. Print out letter using Monogram KK font, 450 point.
Line up in place and trace letter using ballpoint pen:

print out monogram and trace

8. Paint on and inside indent left behind by pen:
(At least two coats.)

handpaint monogram

handpainted monogram on magazine rack

9. Stain with Minwax Special Walnut:

apply stain to distressed edges

10. Seal with spray poly semi-gloss:

seal with clear spray poly

refinished magazine rack with heirloom white


  1. Very nice I love the color and the detail :)

  2. It looks great. Now if I ever find one, I know what to do with it.

  3. You are the best with hand painted letters! The rack looks great~definitely an upgrade!

  4. Nice blog!hank you for sharing this!