Thursday, September 6, 2012

"S" is for Shower Curtain

Sew: shower curtain with grommets

An easy, functional project that requires little sewing.

We have embraced our 1950's pink bathroom and were in need of a new shower curtain.

I used a new queen sized striped flat sheet cut down to size to make this shower curtain but you could use any fabric of your choice as long as you have a 72" x 72" finished piece for a standard shower curtain:

The top edge of the flat sheet provides the perfect double strength support for the grommets and all the tugging back and forth:

The grommets are easy to attach, one whack of the hammer and they're set:

And you only have to attach 12 grommets for the standard size shower curtain:

I used Dritz 3/8" nickel plated brass grommets, unfortunately they come in a package of 8 so you'll need to purchase 2 packs in order to have at least 12 for the standard shower curtain:


Here's how I made the shower curtain:

1. Using a queen size flat sheet cut it down to 74" x 74", be sure to use the top edge (the part with the thick hem) as your shower curtain top.  Iron in raw edges twice to make finished edge and straight stitch.  Finished size should measure 72" x 72".

2. Cut a small hole in both top corners (see picture).  Place fabric right side down on scrap board:

3. Place pokey part of grommet into hole from the front side, you can see the grommet poking through below:

4. Using the grommet tool:

Place pokey part of grommet into circular holder then place washer part of grommet over the pokey part, now place hammer stick into pokey part and give a really good whack:

5. The grommet is in:

6. After completing both ends measure the distance between the two end grommets and divide by 11.  That number should be around 6".  
Using this measurement (6" or so) start from the end grommets and mark the remaining 10 grommet holes.
Cut holes and repeat process.

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  1. that is adorable! i love teh stripes and grommets!

  2. Great project. Love the curtain.

  3. Looks like a pretty easy project and not very expensive. Thanks for sharing. Like the pink tile, your bathroom and mine must be around the same age!

  4. what a great idea! i always hate how shower curtains are just a tad too small to really cover it all up

  5. Nice job! If you go the DIY route again for a shower curtain, you might save some $ if you buy the grommets at a hardware store. (The packages tend to have more grommets for a lower price.)

  6. That's a wonderful idea. I love your curtain! Looks great in the bath.

  7. It's been fun checking out your blog! I would love to have you stop by and enter my link party, as well. (Hosted every Saturday)

  8. I grew up in a house with an avacado green bathroom, love the pink! The stripes look fantastic, what a great idea.

  9. This is a quick and easy DIY shower curtain! I love the pinstriped design as it matched pretty well with the bathroom tiles. It’s nice to look at, huh? ;) Its light shade made the area more refreshing. Do you have DIY curtains other than this?

    Yon Vann