Monday, October 8, 2012

Me & Ana White

Finally I got to meet up with Ana White:

And she is every bit as beautiful and inspiring in person as she is on her blog.  I felt so honored and lucky to spend time with her and her equally genuine husband Jacob.

(Those wooden popsicles in front of us I made for her daughter,  you can get the plans here.)

Ana's first book, The Handbuilt Home, will release tomorrow and she is in New York to start her book tour.

We all had dinner together and I was truly over the moon to spend time with Ana and Jacob.  We share a love for making things with our hands and the conversation never stopped, it was wonderful.

As for the book I know I can't wait to receive my copies!  I've already built two plans from the book and I can tell you they are well written, easy to follow and you will be amazed at what you can build yourself.

The plans for these kids adirondack chairs are in the book:

And this super fast Farmhouse headboard, only 10 cuts and you're ready for paint:

Order your copies today or meet up with Ana at one of her book tour stops, you won't be disappointed.

And a huge thank you to Ana and Jacob for spending their evening with me, I wish them all the best on the book tour.


  1. i love it, that's so awesome!! wish we had a meeting of carpentry-loving girls down here so I could commune with other like souls. ;P

  2. Hope I Can buy the book om Denmark as Well!!!

  3. Yay, how exciting. I am just discovering my passion for making things with wood. I just bought a chop saw and I'm flooded with possibilities! She is so young, how did she start building things? I am for sure going to buy her book. I love your site and I'm going to build the wood boxes today! I will let you know how they turn out.

  4. How awesome you got to meet each other!! The present you made for Grace is absolutley precious. I'm sure she will love it! Can't belive that the RAM actually has name! LOL