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Monday, November 19, 2012

Dresser Makeover with Enamel Paint

How to makeover a dresser using oil based enamel paint.

dresser makeover with enamel paint

This dresser set went from nursery white to grown up black:

nursery dresser beforedresser makeover after

A friend asked if I would paint the dressers from her nursery set since her kids had now outgrown the crib.

She wanted a black to match the new headboard:

painted dresser to match headboard

dresser painted black enamel

I distressed the edges and applied stain to darken the wood.

painted dresser with distressed edges

The perfect look for this grown up boys bedroom:
dresser makeover before and after
painted dresser drawer detail

diy tall dresser makeover with black paint

Here's how I painted the dressers:

1. Sand everything with 150 grit on the palm sander.
(I took all the paint off the legs so no white would should through.)
Prime with oil based dark primer then sand again:

how to paint a dresser

2. Paint two coats Benjamin Moore satin impervo low lustre enamel in black: 

benjamin moore satin impervo enamel paint

Sand between coats.

dressers painted in enamel

Same process for the knobs, no primer here:

wood knobs painted

3. Sand to distress edges then apply Minwax special walnut stain:
Let the paint dry and cure for 3 days.

painted and distressed dresser makeover

painted and distressed dresser drawers

4. Seal with Minwax polycrylic clear satin, stir really well:

minwax polycrylic clear satin

Start with 5" foam roller to spread the poly.
Look at all those bubbles!:

how to apply clear poly

To make a super smooth finish go back over with a 2" foam brush making long strokes across:

how to apply clear poly

Consider applying two coats to the dresser top surface for durability.

diy dresser makeover


  1. I like it! Much more in keeping with the Deco styling. Elegant.

    A note about people stealing your content-they lack the intelligence and creativity to produce their own, so they steal other's ideas. Were your posts put on their blogs or did they "pin" without acknowledging the source (which is also a growing problem)? I'm sorry this has happened to you.

  2. What a transformation! You did an incredible job.

  3. fabulous job, jaime! the finish looks amazing! so sleek!

  4. Love seeing the black as I am about to paint a desk black!

  5. lovin the transformation. very shaker-licious!

    hope you can stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles and sunshine to you.