Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY Superhero Playhouse

Build: superhero playhouse

Ana White and I collectively designed this boy build, the superhero house.

Do you have a young boy in your house who loves to play with superheros?
I do.
But he was always looking for a place to set them up.
After searching forever and coming up with nothing I finally decided to build my own superhero house.

We needed multiple levels and ledges, doorways, escapes, a ramp, a ladder and a dungeon.

Thor guarding the bad guys in the dungeon:

We needed access from all sides for multiple kids to play.

Ana cleverly thought to add the hinges which create stability but even with the sides open flush it's very sturdy.

And best of all the hinges make it portable and storable for easy clean up!
(It weighs about 17 pounds.)

Ana White is a magician and together we came up with these plans that incorporate all of the above for a super functional, sturdy, safe and fun superhero house.

Cost breakdown:

lumber - $30
hardware - $10

I spent about 4 hours total building the superhero house, cutting all those doorways took awhile!
Definitely well worth it seeing as my son loves his new set up.

Here's how to build the superhero playhouse:

1. Follow Ana's plans and make cuts.

2. Before construction cutout all doorways.
I used 1 1/2" spade bit but you could probably go up to 2" then jigsaw the remaining doorway:

3. Make all doorway cuts identical (in the 4 vertical pieces), simply trace holes onto next piece:

4. Begin construction with center portion, countersunk screws from bottom up into sides:

5. Add floors with pocket holes on underside and wall divider:

6. For side sections attach all landings with pocket holes before adding bottom:

7. Tops go on last with countersunk screws:

8. Add handle for easy carrying and hook and eye latch to keep sides shut.

9. Ladder:

step 1: cut 3 rungs and predrill holes at both ends
step 2: begin with a knot, add rung, then knot
step 3: make next knot before adding next rung
step 4: always knot before and after each rung to keep in place

10. Use a giant needle to thread jute through predrilled hole in house:

Then tie a knot to secure and repeat process for bottom portion.


  1. Oh no you didn't!! Amazing! This is the coolest!

    My guy is 9 but I still want to build this....

  3. Visiting from the google plus blogger group Amy set up! I am super impressed - it looks like you have a very happy son!

  4. This is so Awesome Jaime! I a have five boys and a huge bucket full of "guys" It would be so great to have a house for them to play in! Thanks for the extra tips! Love your blog by the way, I am an Ana White fan and am super impressed with all your builds!

  5. This is so cool! My sons would have loved this, they had buckets of action figures and would play for hours. What a great gift for a boy or girl and lets their imagination fly!

  6. This is an awesome project. My boys are too big for this, but I am sure my daughter would love one for all her little figurines!! Must pin!

  7. Really love this! I posted/linked to it today on

  8. This is SO awesome! Seriously, what a great idea! I can imagine kids have TONS of fun with this.

    - Jocelyn @

  9. This is the coolest toy for boys that I've seen in a long long time. Way to go!

  10. Jaime, this is such a GREAT idea! Something like this would have come in handy back when I was a kid!