Monday, February 11, 2013

"B" is for Book Style Ornaments

Craft: book style ornaments

I made these book style ornaments for a novel night party with an "All the Pretty Horses" theme.
Unfortunately, because of Hurricane Sandy, the party never happened but I thought I'd still share the ornaments:

The ornaments were intended to be favors for the guests.
At the party each couple was to take a polaroid picture and insert the picture into the front opening then velcro the book shut:

I made clay cowboy boots and sombreros then painted them bright colors and added a green pipe cleaner cactus:

 Below are the invitations I had made for the novel night party, see the full post here:

Here's how to make the book style ornaments:

1. Cut 1/8" hardboard to size and trace template for picture opening:

2. Cut out picture opening with dremel:
Sand all edges.

3. Prepare binding: red cotton fabric strips with double sided fusible interfacing (heat-n-bond).
Apply one strip to outer edges and another strip to inside, be sure to leave a gap for book to open/close.

4. Hand paint book title with high gloss white enamel:

5. Make cowboy boot and sombrero using white Sculpey clay.
I made a cardboard template:

6. Cut around cardboard template:
Bake as directed.

7. Once baked and hard sand edges smooth:

8. Paint as desired with acrylics:

9. Once painted and sealed with clear gloss predrill holes in sombrero for 'pom pom' trim:

10. To make pom pom trim cut down mini brads:

Stick end of brad with E6000 glue down into predrilled hole:

11. Use E6000 glue to attach all pieces to front of ornaments:

12. Handpaint lettering at top of ornament and create shadow with black pen:

Jute string hanger is stapled just inside the back cover.

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