Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY Dormer Window Seats

Build: dormer window seats

To finish off the playroom built ins from last week we added two dormer window seats.

We debated back and forth about adding a center divider, mainly for looks, but in the end decided an open base would more easily accommodate different bins and baskets.

These dormers are really deep therefore we made the window seats 24" deep because 1) we had the space and 2) to match the depth of the playroom built ins bench:

Below you can see the 24" deep bench on the playroom built ins:

When building your window seats you need to take into consideration the existing trim (which is new and therefore we weren't about to remove it):

Also these window seats are completely free standing, they are meant to be moved for cleaning and finding lost toys.

I added felt to the bottom surfaces which makes the window seat glide across the wood floor with no scratches:

Here's how to build the dormer window seats:

1. Start with a 2x4 base support wrapped in 1x4 pine boards on the front and sides:

2. Build the window seat box: base with two sides then top bench piece.
Add a 1x2 horizontal trim piece in front and 1x3 vertical support flush at center back.
Then attach the base support to the box:

3. Prime and paint two coats Benjamim Moore simply white:

4. Add white felt to bottom surfaces with spray adhesive:

5. Finally attach 1/4" ply back to finish:


  1. I'm with Cassie. Love the storage you've created! Good job.

  2. How inspiring! I don't really have a place to create a dormer window seat (boo! lol), but I really though that your built in storage area was amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Looks amazing! Love the seat and the added storage


  4. Seeing your post, it looks like making a DIY window seat is really easy. Maybe, one of these days I will buy some materials and create this on my own. This will add more storage space and a perfect place for some quiet time. Window seats are the best!

    Minta Gatlin