Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Fabric Eggs Easter Mantel

Sew: fabric eggs Easter mantel

Use up your fabric scraps and make easy to sew fabric eggs for Easter.

It's a great way to use some scraps, each egg is only 4 small pieces of fabric.

I hung the eggs with small embroidery straight pins hammered into the underside of the mantel:

Here's how to make the fabric eggs:

Then cut your pieces.

2. Sew all 4 pieces together at side seams, leave an opening for turning out and stuffing:

3. Turn right side out and prepare your ribbon hanger.
Using a large needle thread the loop end of the ribbon through the needle:

4. Pierce the needle down through the egg top and into the cavity, be sure to keep loop portion of ribbon on exterior of egg only pulling through the loose ribbon ends.
Take off the needle and tie a knot in the ribbon:

5. Fill with polyfil stuffing and slip stitch opening closed:


  1. This is super cute Jaime! I sooooo wish I had even a little skill with a thread and needle because I would be whipping these out like mad. I bet mine would look like misshapen lumps LOL.

    Thanks so much for sharing and linking in my party this week!!

  2. Okay, love these! Gotta give them a go :)