Monday, May 13, 2013

DIY Tabletop Lazy Susan

Build: divided lazy susan

Make a tabletop divided lazy susan for less than one-third the cost of the inspiration version.

And this is the inspiration:

image from

It's a perfect mix of warm wood and shiny metal:


1 - 17" cake pan ($23) (found at local restaurant supply store)

1 1/2" dowel @ 4"l
1" finish nails
wood glue
clear chalking

total cost $40
(Or go for the Pottery Barn version for $129 plus shipping.)

How to build the divided lazy susan:

1. Cut poplar dividers, mine are 7 3/4" long each.
(Measure diameter of pan (17") minus center dowel (1 1/2") = 15.5 then divide in half = 7.75.)

2. Predrill hole in center of cake pan:

3. Predrill hole in center of dowel:

4. Glue and screw dowel in place with 2" wood screw from underside of cake pan:

5. Prepare lazy susan base by attaching 'table side' to 1/2" plywood or similar:

6. Secure other side of lazy susan hardware to base of cake pan using E6000 then weigh down pan while drying:

7. Place divider in position and note excess sticking above edge of pan:

8. Mark divider and make an angled cut on each divider:

9. Stain all wood pieces Minwax Provincial.

** Before wood dividers are secure be sure to do a dry run lay out and mark the 6 positions for equal spacing. **

10. Predrill hole for finish nail through dowel:

Glue and nail in place.

11. Apply clear chalking to enhance hold and for a nice finish:

I placed the hammer like so to keep the divider in position while chalk was drying:

12. Predrill hole into dowel big enough to accommodate eye hook.
Glue door hole filler circle piece on underside then screw eye hook into place:


  1. LOVE this idea...super creative and useful!!!...Looks great too...have a great day, Mariaelena
    PS: stop on over!!

  2. Best looking lazy Susan I have ever seen!

  3. Wonderful! Fabulous! Love it!!! You are wonderfully creative and I am now permanently following you! Best wishes for many more projects for all of us to drool over!

  4. WOW, Jaime! It looks amazing. You are SO good at these knock-offs!

  5. OMG! I loved the PB one so much but didn't want to spend the $$$. I was actually trying to figure out how to make one myself and now I don't have to figure!
    Thanks for the DIY
    Yours came out awesome Jaime!!!
    I love it!

  6. So darling! This looks perfect for an outdoor BBQ. Thanks for the great inspiration. I love the idea of placing utensils inside.

    Love, Lynn + Lou

  7. You are pretty much a genius! I love it. I seriously could spend an entire year just making stuff that I've bookmarked from your blog, Jaime.