Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Ottoman Tray

diy parquet ottoman tray

Build your own parquet patterned ottoman tray with handles using my free plans down below.

diy parquet tray

I built this tray for my neighbors who have a large ottoman in their family room (bigger than the one in these pictures) which serves as a coffee table.  The tray is really meant for one thing - drinks - a hard surface to place your drink on while watching the game or relaxing.

diy parquet tray

I had the chance to try this new Elmer's product: ProBond Advanced™

Elmer's probond advanced glue

And I love it!!!  
It's a multi-surface glue - you can use it on nearly everything from wood to metal and concrete but the best part is that it dries virtually clear.

Another great feature is the narrow nozzle which allows you to control exactly where the glue is going.

Elmer's ProBond Advanced™ is available at most home improvement and hardware stores and it even comes it the cutest 2oz bottle that would be perfect for a build-it party or craft event where each person needs their own personal size bottle:

I used the Elmer's ProBond Advanced™ all over this project but most importantly to glue down the 1x3 pine boards onto plywood which make up the parquet pattern:

parquet wood pattern

And I added rope to the handles for a little visual interest and to provide more support:

handle wrapped with rope

Below are step by step instructions to build this ottoman tray.  Always follow all safety precautions when using power tools.

diy parquet patterned tray free plans

  • 3 - 1x3x8 pine board
  • 1 – ¼” plywood handy panel 2’ x 4’
  • 1 ¼” finish nails
  • ¾” finish nails
  • wood glue
Cut List:
  • 18 - 1x3 @ 7 ½” pine board (parquet design)
  • 1 – ¼” plywood @ 22 ½” x 15” (base)
  • 2 - 1x3 @22 ½” pine board (long sides)
  • 2 – 1x3 @ 16 1/2” pine board (short sides)

Step 1: Align parquet pattern pieces onto plywood base and glue.  Use weights (heavy books, paint cans) to keep boards in place while glue dries.

diy parquet patterned tray free plans

I suggest laying out the pattern pieces first and then cutting plywood base to fit.

diy parquet patterned tray free plans

Step 2: Once glue is dry secure base to parquet pieces using ¾” finish nails.

diy parquet patterned tray free plans

Step 3: Attach long sides using 1 ¼” finish nails.

narrow nozzle on Elmer's probond advanced glue

cut out handle for ottoman tray

Step 4: Cut out handle in short sides.  Use spade bit at corners then jigsaw the middle portion.  Make 2.

free plans parquet patterned tray

Step 5: Attach short sides using wood glue and 1 ¼” finish nails.

free plans parquet patterned tray

Sand well and apply Minwax provincial stain:

stain on parquet pattern tray

Seal with 2 coats Minwax polycrylic clear satin, sanding in between coats:

poly on parquet pattern tray

To give a little shine and protect from water rings use one coat oil-based Minwax polyurethane semi-gloss:

poly on parquet pattern tray

To add rope to handle begin with cut end on underside of handle and wrap rope tight over and around handle:

wrapping rope around the tray handle

Continue to end and use a skewer to thread end of rope under last 3 loops, pull loops and end of rope tight for a secure hold.
Trim end of rope with exacto knife:

wrapping rope around the tray handle

Special thanks to the folks at Elmer's ProBond Advanced™ for supplying me with the glue for this project.  I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are completely my own.

diy ottoman tray free plans


  1. Another wonderful project and the possibilites are endless. You can create so many different finishes, I keep imagining silver leaf on the tray. I love the rope handles, really nice :)

  2. What a beautiful tray! Love the rope handles.

  3. Nice weekend project idea, Jaime. The Provincial stain looks perfect with that lighter colored rope. Great choice.


  4. Beautiful!! I love power tool projects. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I'd like to ask my dad to make this. Can you tell me what the finished dimensions are?