Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Colorblock Patchwork Pillow

Using solid colors and white cotton I made lumbar patchwork pillows for my kids hangout space.

In lieu of a sofa we opted for three Ikea Locksta chairs.  They are extremely comfortable, washable, and easily movable which keeps the space open and versatile.  The solid bright blue is fresh and fun but I wanted to break it up with the colorblock patchwork pillows:

I used all scraps, mostly Kona cotton solids.
Here's how to make the colorblock patchwork pillow:

1. Gather solid and white scraps, rotary cutter, ruler and mat:

2. Cut 2 1/2" squares.  Each pillow has 54 squares, 27 white and 27 color:

3. Layout pieces, 6 rows x 9 columns:

4. Sew rows using 1/4" seam allowance:

5. To make quilted front layer backing (white cotton), batting and patchwork top then pin together:

6. Quilt using windowpane style:

And trim excess:

7. To create envelope backing cut 2 pieces of white cotton to fit, make a finished edge on one end then overlap (my overlap is extreme, 4" will do), right sides together pin around edge and sew:

8. Make pillow form same size:


  1. These are SO cute! I love the windowpane quilting.

  2. That is so fun and cute! You are amazing, I am continually inspired by your lovely projects!

  3. These are so cheerful and your work is just flawless!

  4. Hey I love these! so happy and vibrant. A great idea. I am visiting from

  5. love how colorful and fun these are. they look like a lot of work!