Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Farmhouse Table Makeover

farmhouse table makeover

 A diy farmhouse table makeover.  A very kind friend gave me this solid pine farmhouse table, I did a little stripping, staining and painting and now it fits right into our new dining room.
farmhouse table before and after

 The table came to me with years of normal wear and tear from a family with 3 kids and lots of waxy build up.
Over time that waxy build up actually becomes sticky so I stripped the top back to natural wood:

farmhouse table stripped versus not stripped

Then apply Minwax Provincial stain with 3 coats of clear satin poly to the top and Annie Sloan old ochre chalk paint, distress it and add clear wax to the base:
farmhouse dining table collage
 Progress in the dining room feels good because it is the center most room in our saltbox home.
 It is the main hub or middle of the wheel with 6 doors all around the edges leading to other rooms.

farmhouse dining room before

The dining room is painted Benjamin Moore simply white matte on the walls with semi gloss white trim.
It's fresh and bright and the table has a nice spot in the middle:

farmhouse dining room after

farmhouse dining table with chalk paint

diy farmhouse dining table with chalk paint
Thank you Cara for your table, it has found a new loving home with hopefully years of making memories ahead.


  1. That table came out just beautiful, nice job Jaime!

  2. Beautiful transformation!!!
    And every time I see that door peaking out in a photo I start drooling - seriously LOL

  3. perfect! it is just right! and i a with suzan. ;)

  4. The table looks fabulous! I love the color of the top.

  5. What a lovely table transformation! We couldn't let our old farmhouse table go, we made it into a kitchen island! It needs to be refinished though, liking your look! Thanks for the how to!

  6. This looks AWESOME! Great job!! Now I'm on the hunt for a farmtable :)

  7. I love the mix of the wood top with the painted base; great job with this table! It's so beautiful, and so is your dining room. Completely jealous of your fireplace.

  8. Your dining room and table look great! I have a thing for farmhouse tables and have three. I would love to have room for another one.

  9. Amazing job! I would love to include this in a roundup I am putting together, which will be posted on my blog. I will just grab a picture and give you a link back. If you'd prefer that I didn't use this project, please email me at