Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Framed Floor Mirror

diy wood framed floor mirror

How to add a wood frame to a large mirror.

Before we moved my old neighbor had done a full home renovation and decided she didn't need this large framed wall mirror anymore, my luck since I knew I could use it in our new home.

The frame was fine but I wanted a more rustic look:

framed floor mirror before and after

Simply remove the original frame and add some 1x6's and 1x2's to create a new chunkier wood frame:

wood framed floor mirror details

Here you can see the original decorative frame and the new pine frame:

wood framed floor mirror before and after

It makes a perfect full length mirror in our bedroom as well as reflects tons of light:

wood framed floor mirror

wood frame with metallic detail on mirrormitered wood frame for mirror

How to make a wood frame floor mirror:

1. Remove the existing frame all except the smallest inner portion:

how to make a wood frame for an existing mirror

2. Cut 1x6s to length for the four sides mitering the corners at 45 degrees.

3. Using a Kreg jig insert the mitered edge (both edges of the long pieces) into the jig:

making pocket holes in mitered board

And make 3 pocketholes:

pocket holes in mitered board

4. Join the four corners using glue and screws to construct the frame:

assemble wood frame with mitered corners

5. The cut the four outer 1x2 edge pieces to length using a 45 degree miter on both ends.

6. Attach to frame flush to back using glue and finish nails:

add trim to wood frame

7. Sand frame.

8. Place frame right side down and center mirror right side down on frame.
Predrill countersink holes around perimeter of mirror:

attach mirror to wood frame

Remember I kept the inner portion of the original frame intact which gives you a place to screw the old frame into the new frame:

mirror with inner metallic portion

9. Screw mirror into new frame through original inner frame portion using 1 1/4" wood screws:

attaching mirror to new frame

10. Stain with Minwax (3 parts golden oak, 1 part provincial):

apply stain to wood frame

Thanks Kristen, your mirror now has a new home.


  1. Your frame looks great - I like that it's chunky. Nice job Jaime (and great score)!

  2. that is awesome!!!! love it- can you make me one! ;)

  3. Your mirror came out beautifully! I need a size like that for our livingroom. Anything to make it look bigger.


  4. This looks so great - I love the frame!

  5. You did a great job on the mirror, Jaime! I have a mirror on a stand that will not stay in place and I keep meaning to take the mirror off and turn it into a floor mirror. This gives me a good place to start! Thanks for the inspiration. I would love it if you linked up your wood framed mirror at the Link it or Lump It Link Party this week.