Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Easy Ribbon Organizer

Build: easy ribbon organizer

There are tons of different ribbon organizer systems out there.
I made this version using scrap 2x4 wood pieces and a round dowel:

I'm finally making headway in the basement unpacking my craft, sewing and shop supplies (hence the reason all these pictures were taken in the basement with overhead lighting :)).

I came across my ribbon stash and decided to tackle the situation.

I had two simple criteria for this ribbon organizer:

1. Easy on - easy off.  I want the ability to easily remove the entire ribbon spool from the holder.


2. Visibility.  I like to see my stock.


Each ribbon 'tower' is about 15" tall which holds at least a dozen spools.  
The tower is super sturdy with a 2x4 base and the ribbon spools easily slide on and off the dowel as needed.

I started with a drawer full of ribbon spools and now have a beautiful organized shelf full of ribbon neatly stored by color:

The ribbon organizers make for great eye candy and sure dress up my stone basement workspace:

Consider your storage space before you make the ribbon organizers.
I had the perfect shelf to house the ribbon towers and I made the dowel height to fit the shelves:

How to build an easy ribbon organizer:

1. Cut scrap 2x4 into 3 1/2" lengths and purchase 5/16" round dowels:

2. Using a 5/16" drill bit mark the depth of the bit with painters tape so as not to go all the way through the 2x4 base.
Drill a hole for the dowel at least 1" deep:

3. Cut the dowels to desired height (mine are about 14").

4. Squeeze a generous drop of wood glue down into the pre-drilled hole:

5. Place dowel into hole and secure by tapping the top end with a hammer:

Let dry and full with ribbon spools!


  1. This is the best idea I've seen yet for ribbon! Nice job. Love it!!

  2. I have tons of ribbon and this is a great idea for storing the spools of ribbon. I store my bits on pieces on clothespins in jars where I can see what I have. Found you at Chic on a Shoestring. Cathy

  3. Really great idea - what a lot of lovely ribbon too!!!! This is my blog -

  4. Hermosa, idea!! Comparto el enlace en mi blog!! PERMISO!!