Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Cupcake Stand

Build: diy cupcake stand

It's Friday and time to share another handmade holiday diy gift build with plans from Ana White.

Today we have a cupcake stand:

Just with a simple change of trim moulding and finish you can tailor this build exactly as you like:

For the white look I used scalloped moulding purchased from Michaels:

This cupcake stand was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids Tiered Cake Stand:

Of course you can diy felt cupcakes for a complete kids play gift:

The scalloped moulding gives the cupcake stand just the right amount of girly flare:

But I also love the rustic nature of the stained version:

How to build a cupcake stand:

1. Follow Ana's plans and cut your lumber.

2. Assemble:

3. Cut moulding pieces with a 45 degree bevel on both ends:

Then attach with glue and finish nails:

You want your corners to come to a 90 degree angle, after you attach the first piece of moulding the corner should look like this:

Now line up your next piece of moulding and cut to fit.

4. Prime and paint high gloss white, spray paint is best for this project.

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