Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Vanity Stool & Slipcover

diy kids vanity stool and slipcover

Make this kids size vanity stool using Ana White's play table stools plans here and then sew your own slipcover with gathered skirt.

Perfect for a kids play vanity:

diy kids play vanity and stool
The plans for the vanity are here but today I'll share how I made the vanity stool and slipcover complete with piping detail on the seat portion and a gathered skirt:

diy kids vanity stool with gathered slipcover

pottery barn kids ruffle stool

I used wood scraps to make the stool but if you had to purchase the lumber it would cost less than $10.
And the fabric for the slipcover I had on hand (you probably need about 2 yards total).
I bought the premade foam cushion for $12:

diy fabric slipcover for kids stool

adding a slipcover to a kids stool

I know a few little girls who would love to make use of this play vanity and stool:

play vanity with slipcovered stool

How to make a kids vanity stool and slipcover:

1. Build the stool.
Use Ana White's plans here but modify the leg length to 12 1/2" and the seat piece to 12" diameter:

diy kids stool

premade foam stool cushion

Check for fit, see how the elastic hugs the seat:

foam cushion cover on stool

3. Cut your fabric:

For the slipcover:

1 - 13" diameter circle (main seat piece)
1 - 16"w x 82"l (skirt)
1 - 2 1/2" x 45" bias cut (seat side edge) - not pictured

fabric cuts for kids stool slipcover

piping (if desired, if not skip to Step 5):
1 - 1" x 90" (bias cut)
1/8" cording @ 90"

making piping from bias strips and cording

4. Make the piping by folding the bias cut strip in half over the cording, use a zipper foot and stitch closed:

how to make piping from bias strips and cording

5. Attach the side seat edge piece to the main seat circle with the piping (if desired) in between:

attach piping to stool cover and side

Sew all around the edge with a 1/2" seam allowance:

piping attached to stool cover and side

Be sure to fold over the beginning edge 1/2" prior to stitching to create a finished look:

edge of slipcover folded over

6. Check for fit:

slipcover top checking for fit

7. Prepare the skirt be stitching a long zig zag across the 82" edge:

loose zig zag stitch to create gather

8. GENTLY tug one of the threads to make the gathered edge:

pulling on thread to make gather

9. If desired, attach second line of piping to bottom edge of side piece.

10. Pin gathered skirt in place distributing evenly all around the side edge:

pin gathered skirt to top piece

Then sew in place using 1/2" seam allowance.

11. Place slipcover back over cushion on stool and pin hem.
(I marked the hem at 13" from base of side to floor.)

12. Turn raw edge of hem under two times, 1/2" each and top stitch.

hem gathered skirt


  1. The stool is just darling. I would love to make one.

  2. Cute, cute , cute!!!! And so well done, i want one!