Saturday, April 1, 2017

DIY Handsome Nightstand

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diy pottery barn inspired owen nightstand

Build this handsome nightstand with free plans from Ana White here.

diy pottery barn inspired owen nightstand

After building the pipe and wood slat bed you know Ana and I wouldn't forget the nightstand!

diy pottery barn inspired owen nightstand

diy pottery barn inspired owen nightstand

This nightstand has very masculine lines and a campy feel, it fits perfectly in my son's bedroom.
The lamp is from Ikea - Ranarp work lamp.

diy pottery barn inspired owen nightstand

diy masculine nightstand with two drawers

Tons of storage with two big drawers and I used basic pulls from Home Depot.

everbilt handle pulls on nightstand

pottery barn owen nightstand

This diy version will cost just about $100 in supplies, I used nearly all scraps I found in my stash so my costs were very minimal.

diy owen nightstand

How to build a handsome nightstand:

1. Follow Ana's plans here and cut lumber.

2. Begin by making pocket holes with your Kreg jig in side panels:

building a nightstand

building a nightstand

3. Construct side panels using 1x2 trim on front, screw down from exterior (the screw heads will be hidden under the lath trim):

diy nightstand side panels

4. Attach legs to side panels.

5. Make pocket holes with your Kreg jig into horizontal 2x2 supports:

kreg jig into 2x2 legs

6. Attach all 6 supports to one side panel:

nightstand side supports

7. Then add other side panel:

nightstand carcass

8. Attach lath trim using a finish nailer:

lath trim on nightstand

9. Attach the back:

plywood top on nightstand

10. And finally the top:

diy nightstand built

11. Ana suggests adding a support piece under the 1/4" plywood top.  After getting the top on I decided it would be best to add the support:

diy nightstand built

12. Finish with stain, I used Minwax 1 part weathered oak and 1 part provincial:

stained finish on nightstand

13. Seal with 3 coats Minwax clear satin polyurethane.

14. Build drawers and install drawer glides:

drawer glides on nightstand

15. Mark the drawer front for holes for the handle pull:

installing drawer pulls on nightstand

16. Position the drawer front using a 1/8" spacer (and glue), insert finish nails in between the marks for the screws:

installing drawer faces on nightstand

17. Remove the drawer and secure drawer front from interior by countersinking 1 1/4" screws:

installing drawer faces on nightstand

18. Attach handle pulls and ready to use.



  1. That's a really fun design. I was overflowing with scraps, and since the weather was nice this afternoon, I had a burn party--I knew I would regret burning those short pieces of 2x2s!

  2. I'm in love! This is beautiful! I love the style....I wonder if I could somehow adapt this into a dresser?!

  3. The lines on this are awesome. Very modern. You are such an inspiration to me. I love seeing everything you build.

  4. great job on the nightstand! Love the knockoff projects!

  5. I love this design and will be definitely making it for my son's bedroom. When you attached the plywood top did you put the wood lathe pieces in front of the plywood edge to hide the ugly part of the plywood? From the plans it looks like the plywood is above the wooden pieces but I cant see the plywood edge on the photos. Hope that made sense :)

  6. Love what you have done! I had been looking for nightstands for the master bedroom for so long! I guess I just found them :) Will be building mine soon. Thank you for sharing.

    Rayana @

  7. I love this nightstand and actually had it pinned to build for my boys. I was so excited to see Ana White make plans for it! You did an amazing job and that bed is awesome too!

  8. I absolutely love this and is my new build for my sons room as we have just finished making his bed from another plan of Ana's. I'm wondering if you or Ana would be able to modify this plan into a dresser. Maybe one similar to size of the Rolling Rustic Wood Dresser... Any help would be appreciated.


  9. Building now. I would also like to see this modified for a 5-6 drawer dresser. Please?