Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"N" is for Neutral American Flag

Sew: neutral American flag

Sew this neutral version of the American flag using drop cloth, white cotton and an old mens dresshirt.

I've been working feverishly in my son's bedroom to make the space his own.
Today I'm sharing this neutral American flag wall hanging that will be behind his new bed.

It's a fairly simple sewing project, even cutting out all those stars wasn't too bad.

The 'red' in the typical red, white and blue theme is peeking from the windows because the exterior of our house is painted red.  It makes for a nice pop of color against the blue and white but technically it's not in the bedroom.

** EDITED: It has been brought to my attention that the correct way to hang an American flag vertically is with the stars field on the left.  My apologies for hanging this version of the flag incorrectly however it was sewn this way therefore it will remain as is.

How to sew a neutral American flag:

1. Use an existing American flag (if you have one) as your template.
My flag mesaures 35"w x 60"l.

2. Cut and hem a piece of drop cloth to 35" x 60".
Cut strips of white cotton at 3.5"w x 63"l.

3. Using the existing flag as my guide, press under 1/2" of one side of white cotton strip.
Pin in place about 2 1/2" from bottom edge.  Top stitch.

4. Then press other raw edge under to get proper width of white stripe, mine measured just shy of 2 3/4", top stitch in place.

5. Repeat process for all six white stripes.

6. Notice the 3 stripes that fall next to the blue portion can be shorter. 

7. Cut a piece of blue cotton shirting and top stitch in place for the star background.
8. For the edge banding I used a thick piece of white grosgrain ribbon folded in half over the edge.

9. To make the stars print out a 2" star.
Apply double sided fusible interfacing to one side of white cotton, keep the paper backing in place.

10. Using a light box place the star template under the white cotton (face side down) and trace the star onto the paper backing:

11. Cut out the stars, I layered two pieces of fabric to make the cutting go faster.

12. Use the existing flag as a guide, peel the paper backing off the stars and line up the top row.
Iron in place.

13. Move to the bottom row, line up and iron.
I used a clear quilting ruler to help me keep the stars lined up.

14. Move to the center row and then the 2 in between rows:

15. Now start the shorter rows:

16. To add the grommets cut a hole through all fabric layers:
(I used 3/8" grommets.  For another grommet project click here.)

 17. Make sure front grommet piece fits snugly into hole:

18. Flip project over and slide back grommet piece over edges of front then place into application holder (comes in packaging):

19.  Using a hammer and the pounding stick (comes in packaging), hammer the back in place:

20. The pressure of the hammer pushes down the front center portion open onto the back:

21. Install hooks into wall and hang your flag.


  1. Never in a million years would I have tackled making my own flag! What a fabulous idea; it looks amazing.

  2. Wow. You are amazing. I had to click over because I couldn't believe you actually MADE this. In my mind, you can do anything. I love the subtle colors.

  3. hahaha as a military spouse, yes, the first thing I thought was "hmm... that's not hanging right" but it's still really stunning color-wise. looks wonderful against that wall color!