Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Pipe & Wood Slats Bed

diy pipe and wood slat bed

How to build a bed using pipes and wood slats.
Ana and I are up to our old tricks again except this time we've entered new territory by combining wood boards with galvanized steel pipes to make this twin bed.
It's a match made in heaven and Ana has the plans here so you can build this bed too.

diy galvanized steel pipe bed

diy galvanized steel pipe bed with wood slats

Inspired by both the Pottery Barn Owen bed and RH Baby's industrial steel pipe bed we married the two designs to create our own diy version.
pottery barn owen bed
upper left image source
upper right image source

diy galvanized steel pipe bed legs

diy galvanized steel pipe bed with wood slat detail

This is definitely a different type of build requiring very little tools except your hands to screw the pipes together.
And just like all of Ana's other plans we designed this plan using off-the-shelf, readily available supplies that can be found at any big building supply store.


steel pipe $466
lumber $54

Yes this bed will cost just over $500 to build but that's still cheaper than any retail price and combines both retail looks for a truly unique build.

diy steel pipe and wood slats bed

Thank you Ana for working with me on this project, your willingness to work with a new medium gave me the support I needed to pull this build together.

steel pipe and wood slats bed

How to build a pipe and wood slat bed:

- No glue was used on any pipes or pipe-to-wood connections.
- Hand tighten pipe connections until you are confident of pipe placement, this allows you to unscrew if necessary - that’s the beauty of working with pipe.

- The most difficult portion will be connecting the siderails to the footboard and headboard since the pipe screws together in the same direction on both ends (if you’re screwing in one end essentially you are unscrewing the other end simultaneously).  Follow the step by step instructions carefully.

1. Follow Ana's plans for supplies.
All the pieces are off-the-shelf available except the (2) siderails at 75" and (4) top horizontal portions at 18".  You will need to have these pieces cut and threaded at the store.

steel pipes for bed

2. Start with one footboard leg:

pipes for footboard leg foot board leg assembled

3. Then begin the other leg, foot portion only and connect the siderails.

diy footboard leg and siderail

4. Do the same for the headboard except opposite, completed headboard leg attaches to siderail with footboard foot portion only leg.  Completed footboard leg attaches to siderail with headboard foot portion only.  This allows you to screw siderail completely into tees by swinging the foot portions around and around.

5. Then begin connecting the horizontal pipe support section using 1" close nipple.

pipe bed construction

6. Prepare the wood slats, I stained my boards using Minwax weathered oak.

split ring clamp hangers into wood slats

7. Then place wood slat on footboard and screw in 1" x 8" nipple:

attaching wood slat to pipe leg

8. Add next horizontal pipe and tee section:

attaching horizontal pipe to pipe leg

9. Screw clamp into position centering board between horizontal pipes:

closing split ring clamp onto pipe

10.  At the top screw two 18" pieces together using 1" coupling:

headboard for pipe bed

11. Build the mattress support:

slat mattress support

pipe bed dimensions

Please leave a comment or email if you have questions when building this bed, it's a learning curve using the pipe but completely doable for those who love diy.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore old navy matte.


  1. Really cool. Definitely expensive though - I would suggest checking out Craigslist for used 1" pipe and fittings though. You can get a huge savings that way.

  2. That is such a cool project! Great job as always, Jaime!

  3. This is so awesome! Awesome! Now if I could just justify why I would need such a bed in our house. :) So cool.

  4. Very cool bed! I also love the wall color. Do you mind sharing what it is?

  5. this is amazing! you are amazing! in case you couldn't tell, i am totally amazed!

  6. This bed is unbelievable. I have a question for you--are you woman or a woman/robot mix? I can't believe how many projects you do. You have to be one of the hardest working DIY bloggers out there. If you are indeed part robot, it all makes sense. If you are not, please share your secrets, you're amazing!

  7. Popping over from Ana's site. Love this. LOVE! :)

  8. Love this bed!We are just finishing up building a house in Puerto Rico&I want to build some unique pieces to furnish it.This bed would look great in our son's/Guest BR.Do u think it could be made as a full size by just adjusting the lengths of pipe?I found u from Ana's site.Can't wait to check out your other projects!Thanks!!!

  9. We love this bed and would like to adapt your plans to make a bunkbed, similar to the pipe bunk bed sold by Restoration Hardware. Do you have any advice or thoughts for us before we take it on? Thanks so much for posting the instructions and thanks to Ana too.

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  11. An amazing DIY, such a cool bed! Good luck with CWTS!

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    The Thinking Closet

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  14. What about a full size version??

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