Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Tiki Torch Stand

Build: diy tiki torch stand

Make your own tiki torch stands that are portable, involve no heavy bag of cement mix and have a very slim, unobtrusive profile.

The bamboo pole of the tiki torch slides right over the wood dowel support:

This goes without saying but PLEASE DO NOT LIGHT YOUR TIKI TORCHES INDOORS, use fuel operated tiki torches OUTDOORS only!
For indoors use a battery operated candle.

These tiki torch stands are quick and easy to make with very few pieces and absolutely no heavy bag of concrete to mix.  

The best part is you can have tiki torches anywhere - on the deck, on concrete, on the sidewalk.  No more worries about trying to shove the bamboo stick down into the earth and hoping it stays upright.

How to make a tiki torch stand:


1 - 3/4" plywood @ 8" x 8"
1/2" floor flange
1/2" x 6" nipple
4 - 3/4" wood screws
1/2" wood dowel

1. Center the floor flange on the plywood and predrill screw holes: 

2. Attach floor flange to plywood using 3/4" wood screws:

3. Screw nipple on to flange.
(You could glue to seal this connection but it's not necessary.)

4. An easy way to remove the pesky sticky label from the nipple is to use a scraper blade:

5. Fill nipple 3/4" of the way up with silkaflex construction adhesive:

6. Shove wood dowel down into adhesive inside nipple.
Let dry.

7. Make a hole in the base of the bamboo pole of the tiki torch.  The existing hole is only about 3" deep (to prevent earth from going up in the bamboo stem), using your drill and a 1/2" spade bit open the hole:

8. Slide bamboo pole onto the wood dowel.


  1. Yeah! I love these and know that in a few weeks it will be warm enough to use the them!!

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  4. Pertaining to #4. Just heat it up for about 30 seconds with a hair dryer. It will peel right off.