Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Build Page

It's been 3 1/2 years of building furniture, games, accessories, gifts and toys and now it's all compiled at one location - the build page:

Now you can easily scroll through and click on the thumbnail images to take you to the plan post which will have links to the build plans, check it out here.

The build page contains over 100 builds with plans that you can make too!

Let's scroll way back while I cringe at some of my very first builds:

A step stool built in September 2010 for our then newly renovated kitchen at our previous home.

And today we still use this step stool more as a roaming side table:

(Can you see all of those screw heads with putty!  Clearly a beginner's piece :))

Another September 2010 build was this easy cube bench:

This bench has definitely served us well and I would highly recommend this build to any beginner.

The bench was originally built for our previous home at the back entry and then we had it in our current mudroom as a stand in until I recently built the more fitting entry console:

And currently the easy cube bench resides in our bedroom only until I build that four poster bed!

Speaking of mudrooms I also compiled a mudroom bin page:

I get an email about once a week with readers inquiring about custom mudroom bins which prompted me to create this page.  Sadly I cannot ship the mudroom bins but I do build for local pick up or delivery.

None of this would be possible without my dear friend Ana White.  She is the genius behind each plan and never ceases to amaze me, I simply build the piece.  Thank you Ana for everything you've taught me and countless others, the DIY world is forever in debt to you.

Now get building!