Monday, May 12, 2014

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Makeover

A farmhouse style kitchen makevoer.

farmhouse style kitchen makeover open shelving

While the dining room ceiling was torn apart I figured I might as well add to the mess and tackle the kitchen too!

(In reality it meant one visit from the electricians to rewire the dining room ceiling and change out all the beige outlets in the kitchen.)

farmhouse style kitchen makeover before

This before picture was taken on move in day June 2013.
Tons of cabinets, tons of storage, tons of reddish orange paint.

farmhouse style kitchen makeover after

And today.  Ta-dah.
So different right?
kitchen makeover two tone cabinets

I painted the upper cabinets Benjamim Moore Advance satin simply white and the lower cabinets iron mountain.

benjamin moore color choices farmhouse kitchen

But the biggest change was removing an 8 foot wall of upper cabinets:

wall cabinets before and after
And I don't miss them for one second!
Three 2 x 12 solid wood open shelves provide plenty of storage AND it's super accessible.

The whole kitchen feels wider and more open without those big bulky cabinets hanging in my face.

kitchen view facing fridge

The view above is from the dining room doorway.
You can barely see the wall chalkboard on the right heading towards the back door mudroom area.

Another look at the penisula cabinets.

kitchen cabinets refinished

The new hardware is from D.Lawless, my go to hardware supplier.
They carry just about every hardware style and finish you could ever want.
I used the Antique Iron cup pulls on the drawers and the coordinating Antique Iron knobs on the doors.

kitchen cabinets new cup pulls

kitchen cabinets new hardware pulls

The new hardware coordinates well with the existing faucet and looks great on the white upper cabinets too:
kitchen cabinets new knobs

kitchen makeover stove before and after
It still amazes me the power of paint and new hardware.

kitchen makeover open shelves

All the how-to details on the open shelving are here.

How to makeover a kitchen:

cabinet makeover step 1

1. Remove all cabinet and door fronts.
(The white sticky, melted residue is from plastic bumpers gone bad.)

kitchen cabinet makeover removing drawer fronts

2. Label drawer fronts.

kitchen cabinet doors before

3. I removed the cabinet doors in batches of different sizes so no labeling here.

multi tool to remove old bumpers

4. Remove the existing plastic bumpers.  A great time to use your Rockwell Sonicrafter X2!

kitchen cabinets sanded

5. Sand well and prop up off the floor for painting.

6. Two coats Benjamim Moore fresh start primer (on white uppers only)
Three coats Benjamim Moore Advance satin iron mountain on bases, simply white on uppers.
Sand in between each coat.

drawer pull installation jig

7. Make a template for drawer pulls, find the center of each drawer and mark screw holes.

installing drawer pulls

8. Predrill screw holes.

kitchen cabinet makeover white uppers

9. Apply same process to carcasses: sand, prime and paint.

Then reattach all doors and new hardware.  It's a beast of a project but so worth it.

Disclaimer:  I was supplied product from D.Lawless Hardware however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow! What a huge difference, and an absolutely gorgeous kitchen! I love the gray/white combination and your kitchen looks so much bigger with the open shelving! Great job - what a fabulous new space!

  2. it look sSOOOOOO good! my favorite part is the shelves, and i love how much more open it feels with the shelves and white uppers. simply white is a favorite of mine- it's on our trim!

  3. What a huge undertaking painting all those cabinets. Your kitchen looks amazing. I really am in love with your shelving. :)

  4. You are seriously on a roll! The kitchen looks amazing. I love that you used darker paint on the lowers.

  5. I just love the transformation -- and the open shelves are AMAZING! I've been toying with the same idea and now I'm sold!

    :) Linda

  6. the open shelving is so stinkin' good. enjoy your new space!

  7. Oh my! Girlfriend you have been busy!!! That kitchen is Ah-ma-zing! What a transformation! Beautiful!

  8. Love your makeover! I have to admit, eliminating cabinets feels scary to me, but this looks fantastic!

  9. Love love LOVE your "new" kitchen! The new color is fantastic and the open shelving amazing! Kudos to you Jaime, enjoy your new beautiful space!

  10. Your efforts definitely paid off, what a fabulous transformation! Well done.

    P/S: I am in the process of making over a room in our home as well. Come by and take a look if you like!

  11. Wow Jamie, your kitchen looks SO good! It doesn't even look like the same space! Love the two toned look, and the Iron Mountain and Simply white look perfect. I'd love to feature this on Involving Color. Let me know if you're interested!

  12. I'm assuming you didn't replace the countertop. Do you know what kind it is? I really like the color. I am redoing my kitchen in gray cabs and I want a dark countertop but can't decide between quartz or granite. I like yours because it doesn't look too busy. It almost looks like marble. Thanks. Gorgeous job on the kitchen.

  13. @Karen the countertops are granite and no I didn't replace them, they were here when we moved in so I don't know the specifics. They have a similar look and feel as soapstone.

  14. Kitchen makeover is the most desirable activities by any home-owner. The information you have shared is very informative.

  15. Your kitchen makeover is so lovely and amazing thanks for sharing with us.

  16. What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful! So fresh and clean!