Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Carrier

Build: diy mason jar carrier

Gifts made from wood scraps perfect for teacher appreciation day, Mother's Day or a party centerpiece.
These diy mason jar carriers with a copper handle are easy to assemble and so versatile.

And mason jars can hold lots of things, not just flowers!  How about pencils, markers and craft supplies?

I used half pint mason jars for this project.

Just in time for teacher appreciation day!
I printed a personalized tag for each teacher and tied it to the center mason jar.

The handle is 3/4" copper piping with a wood dowel on the interior.
I love the contrast of the shiny metal against the distressed wood.

Another variation, a single mason jar carrier.  This jar is a standard pint size found at most craft and grocery stores.

How to build a mason jar carrier with a copper handle:

1. Supplies:

- 1 - 1x5 @ 9 3/4"l (base)
- 2 - 1x3 @ 8 1/4"l (sides)
- 2 - 1x3 @ 4 1/8" (ends)
- 2 - 1x2 @11"l (handle support)
- 1 - 3/4" wood dowel @ 10 1/2"l (handle interior)
- 1 - 3/4" copper piping @ 10 1/2"l (handle)

Step 1: Assemble the box using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 2: Attach the base to the box using countersunk 1 1/4" screws.

Step 3: Predrill anchor for handle using 7/8" spade bit.

Step 4: Cut copper pipe with pipe cutter.

Step 5: Slide wood dowel into copper pipe.

Step 6: Attach one 1x2 handle support.

Step 7: Place handle into position and attach remaining 1x2 handle support.
Be sure to add a finish nail at handle to secure.

Step 8: Add mason jars.


  1. They are so cute! What a great gift and organizer tote.

  2. These are so cute! Such a great idea for keeping pens and school supplies organized. We're about to create a schoolroom, and I'm going to have to make a few of these.

    I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  3. Such a cute idea and makes for a great centerpiece, I always feel like my jars aren't enough in the middle of my table!